Awhile ago, I got a request to create an exterior RV cleaner. Apparently there are these things called “black streaks” that are very difficult to remove. So, I worked on it, and came out with RV-DO™ - The exterior RV cleaner that works like magic! Her's how it happened.

Now, I didn't know much about the RV industry, so I took a sample to an established RV dealer to gauge some interest. Instantly, the man grabed a bottle of his best product and took me to the grimiest travel trailer on his lot, an RV literally covered with years of grunge and black streaks. Finding the dirtiest spot we could, we tried his product. After a lot of rubbing, it cleaned about halfway but didn't remove the deep stuff.

We then sprayed RV-DO™, and waited 10 seconds. It wiped off easily, and revealed a spot so clean that when the maintenance man saw it, he started getting excited and said, “We need to get that stuff in here right now! Do whatever it takes! Sign up right now!.”

I thought maybe I had just gotten lucky. So, I went to another dealer and offered to do the very same thing with him. 10 minutes later, we had the very same impressive result. In fact, I have this experience with almost every dealer I visit. We grab a bottle of the best stuff and go off to find the dirtiest trailer in the yard for a shoot-out. So far, RV-DO™ has never been beaten. In fact, no product has even come close.

RV-DO™ consistently deep cleans and removes the most difficult soils and grunge, without being caustic or hard on the finish. Mind you, for years these dealers have tried everything that’s on the market. Few have seen anything that can completely deep clean an RV, and even fewer are totally satisfied with their current offerings. (Most are very interested to see what I have.) To this point, we have a cleaner that has impressed some fairly informed people. Rather than make outlandish claims, I’ve simply told you how well its worked so far against all of the currently popular products. I have repeatedly been told there is no better RV cleaner out there.

Give me a call and see for yourself! Sold in Quart Bottles with a High Quality Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer with viton parts, Gallons, 5 Gallon Containers or 55 Gallon Drums. Discounts available for cases of 12 quarts or six gallons.

Call toll free at 1-877-Orange2.

RV Do 32Oz Spray Bottle
RV Do 32Oz Spray Bottle

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RV Do 1 Gallon
RV Do 1 Gallon

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